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Made for my children

MoMeow Kitty

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Zodiac Chibi

Show your sign with these fun and cute Zodiac Signs & Characters. It even has the updated zodiac Ophiuchus.

SeaTown SeaMonsters

If you love the PNW, you'll love SeaTown SeaMonsters! A ton of character from around SeaTown.

Personal Development

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Professional Website

walkingToast LLC

Vector Illustrations

Creative Advertising USA

I was employed at a family run business where I created/converted Adobe Illustrator vector files into Adobe Flash SWF files, updating custom code for each in XML/ActionScript using Adobe Dreamweaver to be used in custom Flex3 Rich Internet Application. Data entry of vendor catalogs for use in custom e-commerce web applications. Evaluated and tested software and software development procedures used to verify that programs function according to user requirements and conform to establishment guidelines. Recommending program improvements or corrections. I continue to have a development consultancy for techinical support and major updates; 2009-Present.


Junior Developer

MediaPing LLC

I am a junior developer on a development consultancy for a MediaPing LLC customer relations application via SMS utilizing the latest in web development technology. Offering general techinical support, bug fixes or code changes; as well as project management.

Tools Used: Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache, MySQL (Percona Server), PHP 5.3, CodeIgniter, jQuery, HTML5


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About Me

I am a Front End Web Developer; I also do a bit of Project Management. I love to tinker. I've been a bit of a wallflower in development scene for years, but I enjoy the projects I have worked on and continue to work on. I am always looking for cool new technologies to try and see what I can do with them. I am currently leveling up my development stats. I believe that self growth and continuous education is so important. Outside of work I love spending time with my family; playing different type of games from table-top to video games. Also traveling, experiencing various cultures and camping. I love Philosophy & Psychology, I believe it helps with problem solving. I am able to speak and understand a bit of Spanish, German and ASL.

I have always been interested in software & technology eventually taking some programming classes in junior and high school. After my school years I spent my time as a mother and working in customer service, which can be challenging but also very enjoyable. Still having an interest in programming/tech, I would attain side projects contributing to the overall function/aesthetics of software/websites. As time has moved on I found myself being drawn more and more into development. I decided to test my skills and see if I am a "real" developer, I enrolled in a Front-End Web Development Nanodegree program provided by Udacity. I really enjoyed the program and continue with my personal growth ✌️😎

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